Cathedral of Saint Augustine, Bridgeport

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Dr. William Atwood, Cathedral Parish of Bridgeport

The Cathedral of Saint Augustine, Bridgeport
1979 Moller/2014 A. Thompson-Allen III/42 ranks

The Cathedral of Saint Augustine is the main church for the Diocese of Bridgeport. It includes 87 parishes throughout Fairfield County and 460,000 registered catholics. The Cathedral today in addition to many Diocese special services is home to English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese congregations that meet at various times during the week and month.

Celebration of the Alma Schenk Hiendlmayr Memorial Organ at the cathedral’s church

Starting in September 2011, A. Thompson-Allen, was enlisted in a three-phase process to completely renovate and refurbish the cathedral organ.  The project included repair and maintenance of its mechanism and internal workings, the rehabilitation of its existing pipework and its augmentation with new pipework. 

That work has now been completed in June 2014. The result is a highly versatile, flexible and reliable pipe organ that will serve The Cathedral Parish and the Diocese of Bridgeport well for generations to come not only for liturgical use as a Cathedral-style instrument, but also as a fine work of art on which can be played the vast corpus of organ literature, both solo and with instrumental, choral and symphonic accompaniment.

This complete and thorough tonal overhaul has been conducted to the extent that each and every single stop from the former 1979 M.P. Moller Opus 11385 and the pipework additions from Peragallo Opus 655 (2003) have been either revoiced, replaced or deleted.  The work done to the instrument is thus so comprehensive that it is now considered as Opus 124 of the A. Thompson-Allen Company.  The existing organ has three manuals and 42 ranks of pipework, with a total of 54 speaking stops.  Significant among the tonal changes is the completely reworking of the Positif division into a beautiful and Choir division, an additional 8’ Diapason and English-style 8’ Trumpet added to the Great division, and the replacement of the former half-length 32’ reed with a full-length 32’ Bombarde.

Stop List

M.P. Möller, 1979, Opus 11385
A. Thompson-Allen, Opus 124

GREAT 3-1/2” WP Pipes
16’ Sub Principal  61
8’ Principal 61
8’ Diapason (extension 16’) 12
8’ Flute Harmonique (TC) 49
8’ Bourdon 61
8’ Viole de Gambe 61
4’ Prestant  61
4’ Koppelflute 61
2-2/3’ Twelfth 61
2’  Fifteenth 61
1-3/5’ Seventeenth 61
III-V Fourniture 268
8’  Trumpet  61
8’  Pontifical Trumpet (TC) 7” 49
GREATSWELL 3-1/2” WP Pipes
16’ Bourdon  61
8’ Diapason 61
8’ Stopped Diapason (ext. 16’) 12
8’  Salicional  61
8’  Voix Céleste (TC)  49
4’  Octave  61
4’ Open Flute 61
2’ Flute (extension of 4’ Flute) 12
III-IV Plein Jeu  232
16’ Basson  61
8’ Trompette  61
8’ Hautbois (extension 16’)  12
8’ Vox Humana (to C5)  49
4’ Clairon  61
CHOIR 3-1/2” WP Pipes
8’  Melodia 61
8’  Flauto Dolce  61
8’  Flute Celeste (TC) 49
4’  Harmonic Flute 61
2-2/3’ Nazard 61
2’  Harmonic Piccolo  61
1-3/5’ Tierce 61
8’  Clarinet 61
8’  Pontifical Trumpet (from Great)  
PEDAL 3-1/2” WP flues; 8” reeds Pipes
32’ Diapason (resultant)  
32’ Contre Bourdon 32
16’ Diapason 32
16’ Principal (from Great)  
16’ Bourdon (extension)  12
16’ Echo Lieblich (from Swell)  
8’ Octave (ext. Principal)  
8’ Flute (ext. Bourdon)   12
8’ Still Gedeckt (ext. Echo Lieblich)
4’ Choral Bass (ext. Principal)
4’ Flute Harmonique (from Great)
III Mixture (synthetic – from Principal)
32’ Contre Bombarde   32
16’ Bombarde (extension 32’)  12
16’ Basson (from Swell)  
8’ Trompette (extension 16’)  12

Total Pipes: 2,474

Total Ranks: 42
Total Speaking Stops 54

A. Thompson-Allen Co., 2014 Opus 124
Incorporating mechanism and pipework from
Peragallo Organ Co., 2003 Opus 655
M. P. Möller, 1979 Opus 11385


Recent AGO Performances

2014 Scholarship Winner & Member Concert & Annual Dinner

Thank you everyone that made this a very special event.

Enjoy the photos and the program from the event and the CT Post article on the restored organ and Katelyn Emerson’s concert by clicking on the respective links.

Rhapsody in C sharp Minor, p 17 No 3, Herbert Howells – Katelyn Emerson, organ

Vater unser im Himmelreich, from Clavierubung III, BMV 682, JS Bach, Katelyn Emerson, organ

Pieces de Fantaisie, Quatrieme Suite, Op. 55, IV Naiades (Louis Vierne) – Katelyn Emerson, organ

Choral-Improvisation sur le Victimae paschali laudes (Charles Tournemire) – Katelyn Emerson, organ 

To You, O God, All Creatures Sing – Improvisation-Hymn – Dr. John Michniewicz, organ, Jeff Albright, trumpet

Let the Bright Seraphim (George Handel) Krista Adams Santilli, soprano; Jeff Albright, trumpet, David Harris, organ

Visions (Dr. Joe Utterback) – Dr. John Michniewicz, organ; Frank Zilinyi, piano (audio download)

Postlude—Symphony No. 1, Op 14: VI. Finale – Frank Zilinyi, organ (audio download)


2010 Pipe Organ Encounter – Faculty Recital

ProgramThe Faculty Program

Photo Galleries:
July 1, 2010 – Faculty Recital – Cathedral of Saint Augustine, Bridgeport

Video Clips:
Josiah Armes – Allegro from Vierne Symphony (Louis Vierne)
Jeffrey Wood – Acclamations from Suite Medievalte (Jean Langlais)
Dr. John Michniewicz – Sonata DeClarines (Antonio Soler)
Jeffrey Wood, Galen Tate – Variations on an Easter Theme Duet (John Rutter)