11th Annual Pipescreams Concert

October 21, 2012 4:00 PM

Enjoy the photos and videos from the largest Pipescreams concert to-date with near 1,000 performers and audience!

Enjoy The Performance Audio, Video Clips from our Sunday, October 21, Pipescreams Concert

A special thank you to everyone that participated in the 11th Annual Pipescreams concert. There were 200+ singers and an additional 750-800 in the audience making this the largest Pipescreams concert to-date!

The performance team included:

Jon Noyes and the Fairfield County Children’s Choir (FCCC Chamber Choir)

Traci Galla and the Norma Pfriem Children’s Choir

Frank Martignetti and University of Bridgeport Chamber Singers, and University Singers

Galen Tate and S.H.U. LOVE (Sacred Heart University Ladies Only Vocal Ensemble)

Dr. John Michniewicz 4-Heart Harmony from Sacred Heart University

David Harris and Friends Jennifer Romano, Kurt & Helen Cihi

Dr. Joe Utterback, piano jazz medley and with soloists Allison Fay and David Harris

Galen Tate, Dr. John Michniewicz, David Harris, Dr. Joe Utterback, all helping at the Mighty Austin Pipe Organ, Steinway piano and Hammond B-3

We had a superb support team handling tickets, prizes, video, recording, lights, spotlights, photography, reception, welcome, parking, that all helps the performance team, singers and instrumentalists to entertain the wildly appreciative audience.

As usual the costumes for both performers and audience make this an exciting concert for everyone. Finally we are grateful to the many prize and concert sponsors:

For those that were not able to attend, we expect you back next year! Take a few moments and enjoy the YouTube Videos, the photos from many sources, and the event program.

John Polo, Dr. John Michniewicz, Galen Tate, David Harris, Frank Martignetti, Joe Utterback; Traci Galla, Jon Noyes

2012 Program, Photos, Audio and News Articles

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Pipescreams Concert Program

Pipescreams Photo Gallery

CT Post Pipescreams article


John Michniewicz, “Toccata in D Minor, J. S. Bach

All Choirs, “
O Fortuna“, from Carmina Burana, C. Orff

Fairfield County Children’s Choir, “Tottoyo”,
a story about a little boy hiding from this mother, C. Grases

Joe Utterback, “
August Moon”/Bourbon Street Swagger, D. O’Toole/J. Utterback

University of Bridgeport University Singers, “hist whist”, a spooky poem by e.e. Cummings, J. Hutcheson; “Higher Ground (S. Wonder)

Galen Tate, “Epilogue for Pedals Alone”,
from Homage to Fresobaldi, J. Langlais

Norma Pfriem Children’s Choir, “Dem Bones”,
Traditional Spiritual; “Flight of the Grackles”, J. Gardner; “Boulevard of Broken Dreams“, Green Day

Allison Fay / David Harris, “Medley from Phantom of the Opera“, A. Webber

SHU L.O.V.E. (Ladies Only Vocal Ensemble),
“Jar of Hearts”, C. Perri; Rollin’ in the Deep“, Adele

David Harris & Friends Jennifer Romano, Kurt & Helen Cihi – “Kiss of Fire”/”Ring of Fire”/”Burning Love”,
A. Villodldo/J. Cash/D. Linde

4-Heart Harmony,
“Double Trouble”, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J. Williams; “Twilight Tone”, arrangement of the Twilight Zone theme song, Manhattan Transfer

David Harris, 1914 Silent Film, “Cruel, Cruel, Love”,
Charlie Chaplin

All Choirs, “Go For Tuna”
(O Fortuna parody), from Carmina Burana, C. Orff

Join Us for the 11th Annual Pipescreams Concert, Sunday, October 21st, 4:00 PM, United Congregational Church, Bridgeport

An entertaining concert of Halloween-themed, Broadway, and other recognizable musical pieces, including another 1920′s short silent film accompanied by David Harris at the mighty pipe organ.

We are looking forward to another jam-packed Halloween Musical Extravagenza joining the forces of 6 very talented choral groups, exquisite local instrumentalists at the piano, organ, percussion, and you, along with us, in costume, to enjoy what has become an annual tradition for the Halloween season.

Each choral group has become more theatric with their performance pieces adding a great dimension to the music chosen. 4-Heart Harmony & SHU L.O.V.E. continue to wow the audience. Our two children’s groups (NPCC & FCCC) perform superbly together. We include all of the annual favorites that the audience have grown to love — Dr. Joe Utterback (jazz ensemble, costume march), David Harris (inspired with fire, silent film, getting the audience involved), Dr. John Michniewicz (great Toccata in D minor), Galen Tate (solo organ).

Last year the dynamic duo Rev. Sara D. Smith and Kim Smith appeared as the Wicked Witch of the West and little Dorothy to help get the audience in the Pipescreams spirit. Hm…what will they be this year?

Do join us for another unforgettable concert!

John Polo, Dr. John Michniewicz, Galen Tate, David Harris, Frank Martignetti, Joe Utterback; Traci Galla, Jon Noyes