Austin Pipe Organ Factory Tour – Field Trip!

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A wonderful opportunity to see how a pipe organ goes from design specifications (physical/tonal/budget/timeline) to factory build, testing and preparation for installation. We will carpool to the Austin's Hartford location - 156 Woodland St, Hartford, CT 06105 (1 hour drive from the Bridgeport area).

The Austin Pipe Organ Factory – 156 Woodland St, Hartford, CT

Did you ever wonder how a customer sizes a pipe organ for a particular performance space, tonal preference, budget and timeline?

We will travel to the 50,000 sqft factory of the Austin Organ company. Founded in 1893, Austin Organs Inc. builds pipe organs using the Universal Airchest System developed by John T. Austin. The longevity and reliability of an Austin Organ speaks to his ingenuity; many of our instruments from the late 19th century are still in use today.

What you’ll see is that taking advantage of modern materials, while still adhering to the design principles developed more than a century ago, Austin Organs Inc. continues to build an exceptional musical instrument. Nearly every component of an Austin pipe organ is constructed in the meticulously maintained factory. From casting metal to milling lumber, all work is done by a team of dedicated professionals with consistency and astute attention to detail.

Join Us

Contact Chris Mueller if you are interested in driving together with others going to Hartford for the tour. We will find a place for lunch after the tour. Contact Chris at 860.990.4272.